You'll have to turn the music on this blog off to enjoy this great performance!

Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Monday, June 30, 2008

I got an e-mail from this lady who asked me "Why all the blogs?"

Essentially I needed a place for my music, and to eliminate over 370 'bookmarks' that were driving me batty trying to find anything. So I broke up the topics - figured where I could create 'blogs' that would augment those subjects, and my 'blogs were born'!
On the side-bar you can find my 'stuff'.
You'll find the Ron Sails Away blog; that was 'born' because I was helping a very nice man in Delaware put music on his web-sites. His love of people; family - friendships, and nature said I should 'build on that blog', and so I have. I don't add much to it; it really is a tribute to Ron....
And they Call her Breezy is a tribute to my mother; her life - and her recent bout (and recovery) from cancer. It's a 'biggy' - lots of photos; memories, and love on that blog. Probably nothing anyone wants to look at but 'me and the kids'.....
The Women on Women blogs are just that - 'women stuff'.
The one on Rock and Roll with the Recession came from the current situation in the USA - and friends who wanted ideas. I was just so tired of writing e-mails and analyzing friend's 'budgets', that I figured a blog could do it for 'anyone and everyone' who wrote me.
The Billy Tipton blog is in memory of a great pianist - super music is waiting for you if you visit.
Charity for All was inspired by an e-mail friend who lives in Michigan; she's a sweetie, and wanted to build up a blog, but didn't have the time - it's a tribute to her, and also focuses on some of the things that I believe in as well (and am doing to help).
Easter & Inspirational Melodies - very simple; I love to have this music 'on demand'. The same with the Christmas All Year blog......
Make it Pretty Please is for those who just want to relax to some good music; get a few ideas on how to spend their Tuesday afternoons (as I do) - with a hobby. The All Happy Talk blog is for children - ideas for how mom and dad can have a great time with their kids, and not always be in front of the 'boob-tube'. It features crafts that I've done; crafts and game links, and lots of games that can be played together with your kids - on your computer! I love it, and it has a super photo-show of my children, grand-kids, and great-grand daughter.
Poetic Just is Mine - and part II (2 blogs), are simply my poetry - and more outstanding melodies.
The Crayfish Stewart blog is in memory of a loved-one who died at a young age; more music, and some of my thoughts about prejudice.
The Journey to Sleep is a simple blog; no commentary - music, and links to sites that offer meditation and relaxation concepts. I needed that for my own insomnia.
Country Music for Snobs is just 'goofy' - lots of Red Neck jokes; a few photos, and some country music that frankly I don't like all that much, but gotta be 'tolerant', so tune in if you like that twang-stuff.
Five-Way Chili and Dexter's People Recipes is pretty darned cute if I do say so myself. Photos and great recipes - that's it!
Diet and Music for Weight Loss is how I kept slender my entire life (I'm going on 66 years old). Many people are using it - it's got great bouncy music to exercise to; then the music slows down, as you will after a good work-out.
The In Memory Of blog is just that - we've lost a few friends and family members; we needed 'something' to honor them, and some calming music as well.
I think my favorite 'blog', is the Why I live Where I do one. I get a chance to talk about the area we live in; the places we visit, and show off some of my photos I've taken in the course of my travels. The music is just some of the 'best', and it will play for about 10 hours before you have to start the play-list again. It's truly an up-lifting experience, and it reminds me why I really do love where I chose to retire!
Where I get really on my soap-box is on the Thigs Bear Album - do not go there, if you get 'queasy', or don't want to read about all the events in our past and current history that really get me grouchy. Travel at your own risk - but hey, I still managed to find some darned good music to go with that blog as well.
There - all explanations are done; my next entry can actually be some 'blah blah'..........