You'll have to turn the music on this blog off to enjoy this great performance!

Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Monday, June 30, 2008

My first entry! I got the idea for this template because of all the music I've gathered for my playlists!

I also figured I won't need to add too many photos here because the musical tape template is busy enough! Now I'll finally keep a journal and make periodic entries like the 'normal' bloggers do!
All my other blogs are filled with ideas; photos, and are 'theme'-oriented. Well, after I got done with those 'themes' and pictures, I didn't leave myself a place to write about 'stuff' - things that happen to me, that I'd like to share.
I'll probably put links to my other blogs, if I dare show just how many I've built. After all of that blog construction; looking at my old CD's and musical tapes I rarely dust off any more, it seemed I could pile up my simple remarks along side these tapes - stacked and gathering dust....
Blah, blah, blah - seems like the right title for a gabby old lady like me.
Added entry July 3, 2008 - watch me sneak this 'punny' poem in...
Actually, it has significant meaning to me - usually when something is so VERY serious, that it might make me 'cry', I resort to humor - for me it works. The poem? I wrote it in less than 70 seconds:
The title: UN-HAND ME, DOWNS!
Un-hand me downs my talent
And hand me down my brains
Un-hand me downs my spirit
And hand me down disdains
For those who fail to notice
What and who, have done it before
Mom - dad; uncle; grandparent
That inspires and opens our
Un-handed door
Habit; custom - do it or bust-em
Bust a move; bust a mouth
Bust the bank, and move down south
Bust the dust; dust that bust
With a gust and a soul
I easily know my goal
Mentor; dented - or carriage pushed
Papoose; Talouse - trek or wreck
Grab that kid behind the neck
Grab the young'un - spelled right or not
I grabbed it early - look at what I done got!