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Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay, now I think I've seen everything! $300 in gas coupons; $1,000 in restaurant-food coupons.

I just read this, and wonder how many people will send in their money for the coupons, and never receive them. I'm suspect this is definitely a 'shell' game....
All the ifs, ands, or butts*** are at Here's their 'home page' statement:

For limited time you can purchase a Reward Certificate that will entitle you to $300 worth of FREE GAS CARDS and $1,000 worth of fast food and restaurant coupons.
There are no additional offers to take, no surveys to complete and no "free" samples to try. And the certificate is just $10.00. Buy your certificate, send it in as instructed and within 2 to 4 weeks you will receive your redemption membership kit.
Follow the simple instructions and you will receive $300 worth of Free Gas Cards from your favorite gas station and $1000 worth of fast food and restaurant coupons from more than 60 franchaise and fast food restaurants. It's that easy, again there are no other requirements, buy your gas from your favorite station and begin receiving Free $25 gas cards monthly! A total of 12 - $300 of FREE GAS!
The Gas & Fast Food Reward Certificates were created as a joint venture between Major Ad Agencies and Rewards Printing of California. The purpose is to increase brand loyality. The gas companies want you to buy their brand consistently, not buying a different brand each time.
THIS IS THE MOST EXCLUSIVE GASOLINE REDEMPTION MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE. is an authorized distributor of these certificates.
Here's how it works.
1. Purchase your certificate. Click on the Order Your Certificate button to purchase on line or call toll free 1-866-451-3390. The cost is $10.00 plus $9.95 service, postage and handling.
2. You will receive your Official Certificate packet in the mail. The certificate will have a secure serial number, only one certificate per household is allowed. All certificates must be redeemed prior to December 31, 2009.
Fill out the back of the certificate and follow the instructions.
3. Shortly you will receive your redemption membership kit. Again simply follow the instructions. To validate the gas card vouchers you will need access to the internet. Start buying your gas from one gas company and save your receipts. You will receive 12 vouchers (one per month) valued at $25 each. Send that months voucher and $100 worth of gas receipts to fulfillment and in approximately 2 weeks you will receive your Free Gas Card.
No receipts are required for the restaurant coupon vouchers.
4. Start enjoying your coupons and receiving your FREE GAS CARDS!
***Spelled this way, because there's probably going to be a few in a sling, and a couple of tits in a few wringers as I see it.
We have an epidemic of over-weight people, and that's all we need is to give them coupons for junk food (80% of the restaurants participating in this 'joint venture' are fast-food).
Instead of suggesting those obese folk start walking (hopefully to lose some weight as part of their daily exercise routine)instead of driving their gas-hogging cars, we just give them a chance to gas up their cars,
and get gas after pigging out at Burger King!
Geez, America's 'marketing mafia' seem to have gone more than bananas....
Speaking of more than bananas, now how about some of their 'stipulations and requirements' - again, from their FAQ page:

Home > FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
1. This sounds too good to be true, how can you give away $300 worth of gas cards for so little?
We agree it does sound too good to be true. There is however a good business strategy involved. This is a true win-win, the consumer wins and the gas company wins. In today's economy with your money being worth less and less and the cost of gas and food being more and more all consumers will shop for the lowest price. Brand loyalty is disappearing, for gas we will drive around looking for the lowest price per gallon, we don't care what brand of gas it is (Shell, Hess, BP,etc.) The requirement for the FREE GAS cards is that you buy your gas from the same gas company. Just buy $100 worth of gas each month from the gas company you chose when you activated your certificate. Send the receipts and the voucher as instructed and you will receive a $25 gas card in the mail.
This is a huge deal, if you are paying $4.00 gallon and buy $100 worth (25 gallons) and you get $25 worth of gas free the 25 gallons effectively cost $75.
You saved $1.00 per gallon!
2. Why do you send gas cards in $25 monthly increments?
By collecting receipts from the brand of gas station you have selected, we can prove that we are helping to establish brand loyalty to the gas manufacturers and that consumers deserve to receive a discount for purchasing that brand.
3. How long does this program last?
Simply divide the certificate amount by 25 and the result will be the number of months you will be able to participate in the program.
This $300 certificate (300 divided by 25 = 12) gives you twelve months.
4. Why do I have to purchase $100.00 in gas per month?
This is the minimum purchase requirement established by the program underwriters.
5. What about the restaurant coupons?
They are easy. When you receive your redemption kit you will receive $1000 worth of franchaise restaurant coupon vouchers, choose some restaurants, send in a voucher and you will be mailed coupons.
No receipts to gather, nothing to buy.
---( )( )---
(this all expires 12/31/09)
Diane is snickering as she types this - like I said, 'butts' and a few boobies....


Nitewrit said...

Seems I get old, but these type of come-ons don't. I've been seeing this scam all my life, just the object of quick-buckism changes. When the problem with the mortgage business perhaps a $100 coupon to get you a $500,000 home will be next.