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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comment Moderation; Profiles Restricted, etc.

I got an e-mail from a friend in Canada. She was puzzled as to why some people put comment moderation on their blogs. Some use word verification. Some restrict their profiles. All of this puzzled my friend.

For comments: Yes, spammers and computers can complicate things, but of course you can always hit the delete button. Some are comments made that the author of the blog doesn't like, so they 'censor it'. Some restrict because they are either bashful or secretive.

The tougher a blog makes it for me to comment on, the quicker I eliminate it from my rss feed.

Some bloggers see themselves as 'beacons' - they somehow think they're the only ones in the blogosphere that are posting something that no one else is posting. Ah.....what egos they have.

So I wrote Johanna 'not to worry', forget these people most are self-centered, fearful, and egotistical.

In this cyber-world, few will have an 'exclusive', and none of us are saviors or sages - we just blab away; doing our 'blah blah', and very few even give a darn what we've got to say or what our opinions are.

We are but a tiny grain of sand...................
Recently, Johanna broached this same subject again; she got quite a few comments with a multitude of opinions. While she may have added some new posts since that particular discussion, you can read Johanna's posts (and all of them are worth reading I think) at:


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