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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If you click this link, read it and realize that not only a famous person like Michael Jackson has been given prescription drugs that could cause death. In my own experience, I nearly died from a 'toxic cocktail' contrived by a pain management doctor. I was given Xanax; Paxil, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Demerol, and Morphine as part of my treatment following a car accident.
I was given 3 years of steroids that should have been limited to no more than 2 weeks. My body 'blew up' like a balloon; my hair dried - my teeth became brittle - they had to be removed because of the damage of the extensive steroids given to me to help me fight this 'trauma' to my system when I had a brain injury; back injury - pelvic injury; bladder injury, and several deep wounds to my body.
I was a zombie; I had heart difficulties - breathing difficulties, and went through a year of serious withdrawal misery when I found a doctor who told me all of this was not right for me.
I'm not a celebrity, but we know that people like Marilyn Monroe; Elvis Presley, Anna Nichole Smith, Judy Garland and many others have died because of the horrors of being over-medicated by doctors anxious only to make huge sums of money catering to their imediate medical difficulties, rather than seeking a long-term and proper course of treatment.
When a celebrity is worth more dead than they are alive, beware of how their physicians; managers, and greedy family members can be as they ponder the insurance and estate benefits.


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