You'll have to turn the music on this blog off to enjoy this great performance!

Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to 'hit the hay'...

Geez, as my grandson would say! I'm tired; have put in a long day, and ever so ready to take the next 2 weeks 'off' from 'things to do', and almost run out of the blah, blah, blah, I thought I was up to posting!
I wanted to get enough on this blog before I left, to possibly give a few friends (and family) some links to some very good 'stuff' - leads, as I used to say when I was running my own business.
The ability to 'network' - to sell, without really selling is so 'key' into today's competitive world!
You have to believe in what you're selling - service or product. You have to know your product; you have to be capable of providing a top-notch service, because competition is very keen and very cruel if you won't stay on top of the game.
Today I helped a telemarketer with a very simple method of 'talking personal'. You put up a picture of someone you love, while talking about your product or service. You'll automatically 'smile' as you talk; you're looking at a special person, and it will truly show in your voice.
It is 'music' to the ears; it appeals to the senses - it is like the songs playing here now. If I had posted a bing, bang, boom irritating set of songs, you'd be out of here in a heart-beat!
They talk about web-sites that are 'sticky'. This means will the reader 'stick' to your site long enough to have a clue as to what you're offering (if you're trying to promote yourself, or sell something).
Sticky indeed! You've got to stick like glue; stick with the sweetness of honey, and hang in there with the tenacity of vinegar and a vintage wine!
The strength of apple cider vinegar; the softness of a mellow red wine - the courage of a pit-bull, and the gentleness of a lamb. Wow, I've just invented a hybrid 'creature'!
Anyway, now that I'm really ready for bed; have accomplished a lot this week, I'm going to relish my sleep time. I'm heading on over to for my sleepy-time music.