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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Carlos, this rose if for your grandmother; your grandfather - it's also been given to a dear friend (Jean) who died June 10, 2008

Note: This is a photo' of my great grand-daugher, Bella, holding a rose that was part of the ceremony and memory of her other great grandmoterh (Jean), who died of cancer - June 10, 2008.
Today I received this e-mail from a darling young man (Carlos) who lives in the Philippines (he's the age of my grandson, Robby):
Dear Lady D,
I apologize for the low volume of my replies. I have been very busy with work as I try to keep up with my responsibilities give to me by my boss. Just yesterday my step - grandfather lost his battle to esophageal cancer. He died at his home peacefully and was pronounced DOA as he was rushed to the hospital. He died at the age of 53.

My grandfather was a farmer. He was happy toiling his farm in the Philippine southern province of Masbate. He would go there early in the morning and greet the dawn with a body full of strength and a simple heart yet overflowing with love for what he did.

His body lies at the small chapel near the cathedral of the nearby city of Marikina. A lot of people are expected to come. Mostly relatives all around the surrounding provinces. My grandfather has a very big clan, so big that places are named after last names of immediate family members.

His body will be flown back to the province after a few days wake.

Personally, yet mourning, I am very happy that he is now at peace along side my grandmother and grandfather of my father's side. He is now at a place were joy and peace is enternal.

As for me, luckily my boss has awarded me a very nice schedule for me this week. I think it was his way of rewarding me for my recent accomplishments and improvements on work. I was planning to celebrate and relax on my rest days but I guess, God made it so for another time for family.

I thank you Lady D, for the mail that you send me. I read them during my few minutes and I learn from them a lot. I will write you more soon. I hope you are doing well on your end. Stay safe and take care.