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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Danilo Bugtong sent me this picture when he thanked me for the money I sent for their Christmas celebration.

After I read about the terrible typhoon that hit the Philippines a few weeks ago, I sent more money to these children - via Reverend Danilo Bugtong.
Here is the most recent e-mail he sent me:
Dear Diane,

I am blessed to have read you blogs. I am not so
familiar constructing it myself though I know it is
helpful in communication.

We are thankful in including us in your charity effort
despite of the hardship of raising funds to help the
less fortunate children. You can send to our address:
TRICORD, Calitlitan, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya,
Philippines making it registered. It will be a big
help for us here. It is your direct participation is
what is important to us in touching other peoples'

My family is fine so far. My father who is turning to
his 84th birth is too weak now. The picture I remember
I sent you was standing with his customary and
cultural g-string attire. Now he is totally blind and
bed ridden. He no longer manages himself. Always
assisted in all his movements.

Our children Anilene (25) and Andrew (23) are grown
enough now who are helping me as volunteers during
their spare times in my community development work.
While they are searching for better employment.
Anilene who is registered nurse is eying to work
someday in your country but still looking for an
employer who can provide her job offer, a necessary
document in applying for permit to work in the US.
Andrew is a graduate of two year Information
Technology course while their mother is as usual busy
in the enrolling children in the elementary school as
their entrance is fast approaching, June 2.

We are busy helping farmers to improve their harvest
despite of the calamities that hit northern part of
our country because rice, the staple food among
Filipinos is rising up. In deed we did some
importation from other countries because of shortage
supply. The normal price of 18 pesos a kilo of
ordinary rice now 35 pesos a kilo. We are also
affected by the oil price increase making all primary
commodities prices hike high! But we are confident it
will return to normal again IF it will.

Again, thank you so much of contacting me. I do
appreciate as I long for it be hearing from someone
who come for encouragement at the right time.

Sincerely, Danilo

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