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Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you ever get tired of those web-sites/blogs with all that 'stuff' on them?

I thought I'd make a brief entry about what attracts me to a blog. It might be easier to say what makes me 'walk on by'...

I hate advertisements; pop-ups, and all kinds of junky stuff that tells me the primary reason the author created the site, is to pick up some extra cash. So many times, the text isn't worth the read; I don't 'do advertisements', so I move on.

Clean; crisp layouts - I'll stop.
Good bold 'headlines', and I'll take a look.
The first paragraph has to bring it all together
(details and dialog follow that first paragraph).
Type-style has to be easy to read;
good contrast to the back-ground,
and paragraphs set up
(and set out) properly.

Do I like music on blogs? You betcha!
I always go to the musical 'blogs', and web-sites first to see what new melodies might be added.
I guess that's about it.
Time to get things ready for a busy week-end.

Oh yes, and I did decide to put up just 'one seal' - for some reason I think of boots when I hear the word 'Blog'. Put on your 'bloggers' - make tracks, so that's why I designed the seal like I did.


Anonymous said...

Man do I know what you're saying!

By the way, those are good looking seals. I'll send you an e-mail if you'll tell me where you had those made.

Did you have someone design it or did you do it yourself.

I like the music. I really like the cat at the piano.

I stumbled on this and have marked it a favorite. Todd

Anonymous said...

What a great place! I'm agreeing with that Larry person. I'm pretty sure he meant that as a 'joke', but then so is this country.

Since I don't know you, and you don't know me, I'll just sign it 'loving it'.