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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I got a kick out of this sign, and I do have a son named 'Tom'...

I'm getting a bit tired of my family and friends talking about the high price of gas; the increase in groceries, and all the troubles with the economy - foreclosures, etc. We're all in the same boat (to some degree), but going over the same ground; 'sawing sawdust', drives me buggy. All this 'venting; moaning, and complaining really doesn't seem to relieve the load, because if it did my friends and a few family members wouldn't keep harping about it (as I see it anyway).
So, I got up early - took a great walk, then I decided to head over to one of my favorite web-sites, and as I was reading through the section on how not to be a grumpy old man, I found these words:
If the price of oil increases, there is not much you can do about it. Just because you incessantly complain about the price of oil, Saudi Arabia is not going to start producing an extra 10 million barrels a day. If you get upset things like this, you will invariably make yourself miserable. To some extent, we have to be accepting of external things beyond our control.
For example, Governments always have and always will do things which are popular; we can’t expect this to change. But, what we can do is change our attitude.
Rather than getting worked up by these things, we can develop a greater sense of detachment. Don’t allow your life to be dominated by complaints on the outside world.
So, this morning I'm going to print this entry about 8 times, and put it into the mail with a humorous card - I really think we need to 'get on with it', and was tickled to find this man's words (so I can sneak out of trying to say them myself).
Now, let me share the link to this man's web-site; it's just one of my favorites!


Nitewrit said...

Should it read things that are UNpopular?

I couldn't agree more. I do not let events outside my control or other people control my life. There were times much worse than those today. We all have so much today we have become spoiled.

When my daughter returned from Iraq, she showed annoyance with we Americans always whining. She said those people there had nothing and we had nothing to whine about.

We are too much in the habit of wanting everything, wanting it now and wanting it even if we can't afford it.

But then, you shouldn't define yourself by your things.


Boy you've got that right!

I like the plural of governments myself, but of course this is a 'direct quote', so I can't change the verbiage.

I guess growing up super-poor as I did, and never forgetting the 'skills' I learned by being poor, was just about the best blessing in a country that has gotten not only spoiled, but lazy.

Thank you for putting a great comment here, Larry!



Whoops, and I also think the gentleman that I quoted (in the red letters) should have written UNPOPULAR, but he didn't (if you visit the web-site you can see his entry).

I think another way to have expressed it more accurately, would have been to set it out as 'popular', so possibly the reader would realize there would be more of a political reason (being politically correct or politically 'popular') as to why governments do what they do.

Again, because I don't like to change a direct quote, or another person's written word, I had to leave it as he published it on his web-site.

I'm guessing that in the case of what a government does, and the debates individuals have on what it does, defines 'popular' to some; 'unpopular' to others.

In the eye of the beholder, even a rose could be a pain in the finger if you focus only on the thorns.