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Friday, July 4, 2008

I used this to memorialize GC on another blog of mine...

A while ago, we decided to have a little snack before heading out to the fireworks for the 4th. We got to talking about George Carlin; I think I had the most to say, because he was part of my 'trinity' of favorites.
Jackie Gleason; I could do at least an hour on why I loved him. Red Skelton - make it two hours as to why I thought he was not only one of the finest comedians, but artist and human being.
George Carlin - brilliant; genius - probably had to release his pent-up disgust (and potentially, his anger) through humor....if not, he'd have committed murder multiple times. Yes, that's a harsh statement and comparison, but I truly believe GC saw so much injustice; so much abuse - so much that he wanted to vomit. Vomit; kill - destroy or make joke of....
There was no room in the life-time of GC, for vigilante recourse. This was not the time of Wyatt Earp; no Jessie James thinking allowed!
GC had to 'deal with it', and he helped many of us accept
and handle it too.
I really enjoyed spending some time watching some of his videos of late, as well as early ones too.
In memory of someone I really respected and who kept me laughing my entire adult life - George Carlin - May, 1937 to June 2008.
Here's the link - I hope you enjoy the videos
as much as I did....
If you want to see some of the 'old Carlin',
To see a more recent GC - complete with his beautiful gray/white hair (what was left of it), then go to:


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