You'll have to turn the music on this blog off to enjoy this great performance!

Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Monday, July 14, 2008

My, it certainly was a lovely and peaceful day.

Today I met a couple new ladies at the swimming pool. One asked me about recipes; I gave her some for my husband's favorite Greek foods. Another asked me about cutting her hair; tomorrow I'll do that for her.
Then I got a few e-mails; most were about 'songs', and one asked me to create a peaceful set of melodies that would let her sit down on her outside patio; serve a light meal, and just relax.
I told her first to go to to get the sounds of rain after a storm; and some lovely birds that we often find at the ocean. Then I made this list up for her - it will last about 4 hours. I told her to 'stay cool' when she prepared dinner. Wine, bread - fruit; cheese, and this play-list, and a nice iced coffee after dinner. I make mine up very strong; I add a bit of vanilla extract; a bit of sugar to make it slightly sweet, then I put in half-and-half. It's chilled over-night; served over crushed ice. I like it....
I figured I'd finish my day by putting this link for the music I gave to Lynn right here too:
The music is pleasant; refreshing, but it's 10 times better with the link playing in the back-ground.


Anonymous said...

Gee, we even have the same taste in music! I LOVE Enya, Sarah, Cranberries - have most of these on albums but nice to listen to in a playlist - thanks!

Also love Enigma, Suzanne Ciani, David Lanz and Hilary Stagg.

Try those if you haven't heard them before.

Hugs! Lynn

Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you post my e-mail I sent you? If you didn't, here's what I sent you after you helped me get music on my web-site.

thank you...I agree....the pictures were in the works but YOU are the inspiration of the music....beth even sent a note telling me how much she liked it!!

then the girl i had do my photos yesterday said "i don't like music on websites"...i told her to just click the stop button then....i do believe it adds a lot and also the photo on the home page "peaks" ones interest to go further....

thank you again for you help, suggestions and is appreciated

by the way...i showed your "why i live where i do blog" to the photographer and she was very impressed....


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the card. It reminded me of the pair of swans I used to have on my lake every year. They stopped having babies, then one year they stopped coming. But it was so cool for many years.

Thank you again for the great music, I play it just about every day. You are always so kind to think of me this way. Have a beautiful Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending this to me. I so appreciate your music because it gives me such a life when I'm a bit down.

I don't understand how much of my information is accessible to the web.

Is it everything that is under my moniker but my real name is also hidden?

I'd like to add a suggestion on to yours, in agreement of yours.

Any suggestions on how/to whom I'd address that?
Thanks, Diane, for speaking up and for sharing this...I am certainly one of those w/o the background to fathom what I am making myself open to...

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, Thanks for reaching out. Love your choices of music as always.

Of course I remember you. From your memories of me, I still had a lot of Idaho and Oregon in me it seems. Burke was great to start out with after college. I am in contact with few people from those days, Ed Goodwin and Steve Hellebush and Bob Andrews still talk and meet with me.

Tim Boyd suffered a stroke about 4 years ago and is immobilized mentally. There but by grace of god and so on …

I left Burke and worked for a huge company in the early 80s, then returned to Burke in the mid 80s and it was a different place, or I had changed (grown up maybe). So the fun was not there and I formed a new company in 1992, as did a lot of other people from those days. No regrets. You helped me a lot in the start of entering the business world so thank you again.

I am not as witty as I used to be. When ex burkees remind me of some of the things I did, I realize I had no fear in those days. When my batmobile ran out of gas one day on mt adams, I just left it in the road and walked home – never saw the car again and did not care. I had the door removed from my apartment so anyone could visit after hitting the bars. I had nothing to steal and found people in my place after work all the time. Once my boss (Janet) told me that if I did not start wearing a tie, I would not be promoted. So I wore two ties the next day – almost got fired.

I remember you were a great piano player. I took my first lesson last august and now take lessons each week. Been married for 25 years with two kids – a high schooler and a middle schooler - both half Japanese. Hard to believe you are a grandmother!

I am a lucky man. Your letter reminded me of that. One favorite play is My Town by Wilder where one is reminded to be grateful every day.

Cheers, David

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I told you how very much I enjoy this. Thank you soooo much. I absolutely love piano, sax and guitar music. Janet

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd tell you I visited your diet blog. You don't have a place for comments there, so I checked this one out.

Nice to hear from you and have looked around your page- loved the music you suggested and tried to print off the cauliflower and pasta recipe but couldn't do it so saved it as it looks like something I would enjoy. Thank you! Jay

Anonymous said...

hello diane,

your email was fantastic! thank you for inlcuding me. loved the music!

people are always encouraging me to write a book. i have no clue how to go about filling so many pages. they always tell me, "just do it!" i have no comprehension or concept of what that exactly means. i many times can be long winded. i know that many often like my writings. but to write a book?
i just don't see how it could ever be.

in reading your email, you remind me of ameilia earnhardt. she would always have something good to say, to share, about her journey and always checked in. always happy and full of life.

angelwings and fairydust blessings,

Anonymous said...


You're cute!! Thanks so much for yet another smile today. You really take good care of me.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for that touch of peace to my day. My husband stayed home from work yesterday with a bad cold...and stayed home just long enough to share it with me!! Even though we stayed in different rooms of the house (I even slept on the couch!) I still got it! Bummer!!

When I catch a cold, it goes right to bronchitis, and then to pneumonia. I am taking good care of myself, hoping to avoid that cycle this time. The weather is not cooperating. Everything outside is coated with 1/2" of ice, and then a dusting of snow. It's staying below freezing, so nothing is melting either. So I'm wrapped in pajamas, thermal unders, socks on my feet, and several blankets, trying to avoid drafts. I hate being sick.

I really needed that card you sent. I can feel its peace soaking down through all my layers!

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

I don't look at my Spark home page much but did look today and saw the message from you. We moved up to Lake Erie (near Toledo) in August although we have owned a place up here for many years, from Cincinnati...where does your daughter live? I grew up in Hyde Park and before we moved up here we lived in Anderson (all on the East side of town) We also have a daughter who works in Columbus and lives in Delaware OH...where does your son live? I note that you are coming to Michigan...we are not far from there now...let us know where you will be and maybe we could meet for lunch or something...another member of the 42 group lives there and we meet once in awhile. You sure do live and interesting life - and have moved a lot - are you in Nevada now?? I retired two years ago as a Manager of Aftermarket Sales for a MFG. rep company - loved the job but sure do enjoy retirement more. I admire the fact that you play the piano...I also play but not well...many years of lessons, just no talent ...

You take care and I look forward to hearing from you....Nancy

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,

Hello and greetings from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
I read a lot of what you had to say on your blog about weight loss and music.
I loved the music you have playing especially "dancing in the streets". That is one of the songs that plays on my Cher's Hot dance video.
I consider myself to be young but I feel that I have an old soul.
(that's just a side note)
I set up my blog page yesterday and today I was searching for people that have the same interests as myself and came across your page.

I'm grateful for your wisdom and I do hope you will reply and that we can begin to communicate.

I read the power of your subconsious mind about a year ago.
And I just recently read the secret like last month. I've been reading the science of getting rich everyday now for about 3 weeks.

I believe in my heart that reading is fundamental to our growth and maturity.
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 13 years ago and a few years later I had a therapist that suggested I begin keeping a journal. I did and what came out of me was a book of poetry and prose.

I thought that God had given me the gift of poetry to share with the world, so in 2006 I had my book self-published.

I was drawn to the books I mentioned earlier because for several of my adult years I have been on disability...with no transportation and all that goes with being poor.
My situation is changing. Praise God!
A few months ago my husband did some work for this guy and he paid him with this computer. So now I'm using it to try and connect with people in order to get the word out about my book as well as to broaden my horizons.

I would like it if you would visit my blogspot..I'm just getting started so I don't have much on it yet. It would be great if you would also visit my website and sign my guestbook.

I hope this email reaches you and I hope when it does that you are having a great day.

Thank you for making such a postive impression on me.

Take Care,


Robynne Price
Justice Jones
The Breadth of Love


My goodness, I guess everyone was by the computer and it pays to 'share' good music! Diane

Anonymous said...

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