You'll have to turn the music on this blog off to enjoy this great performance!

Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Monday, August 4, 2008

I saw this picture, and labeled it myself - the lines of a long life.

I talked with my mother early this morning - she's 84, and I hear that voice on the 'phone that always has a cheery 'hello' when she answers....

Soon I'll be spending a couple of months at her home, and thinking of all those who're reaching the latter years - wondering what Ted might have been thinking as I looked at the face of a man whose entire family devoted their lives to our country.

I imagine his mind runs the memory of his father; his beautiful mother, Rose. He remembers his brother who died in a plane crash; another brother who died in Dallas - another who was also shot in Los Angeles, and a young nephew, JFK, Jr. who died in a plane crash in that hot month of July. I'm inspired by the Kennedy courage and stamina - they've all shown us what it is to do 'more' than their fair share in service of our country. My heart is with this man as I know his life is coming to a close.


Anonymous said...

I liked all of your blog. What was puzzling was how can you have always voted for Nader and have such a clear regard for the Kennedy family?

Maybe I'm too young to know much about these people you seem to admire.

I do know about Elvis. I know about Tina. I liked the videos and their music.

Still, I'm trying to fit all of this together and the best I can tell is you're almost 70 years old, so you're the age of my grand parents. My grand parents don't sound a bit like you, so maybe they've just given up because they don't have the best of health.

I'm trying to be respectful of your blog and what I say, but I do know I'm not certain if you're as old as you say you are.

Sorry. Ian.