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Monday, August 11, 2008

If Ralph Nader isn't your pick, then at least listen to Kucinich!

18,000 people die in the richest country in the world, because they have to pay 100% of their medical needs, or 'die'. Ralph Nader has accumulated these figures from reliable sources. No other western country has an absence of universal health insurance except the United States. Millions of our 'slave-workers' make under the minimum wage. We can not live on $5.15 an hour. We can not live on Wal-Mart wages in this country. You can not support a family on $15 an hour in this country.

Nader reminds us that the corporations prevail. Such big industries as General Dynamics; Lockheed, and Boeing. Nader reminds us of the huge bloated military budget. Nader tells us the truth; we need to have that bloated military dollars returned to our country in the form of rebuilding libraries; schools, and proper drinking water systems. Nader says solar energy first; crack down on crime. We need to go after the corporate crooks - CEO's paying themselves 400 and 500 times the wage they pay their employees. Government of the Exxons; the DuPonts - the General Electrics. Stolen have been the rights of the working American - jobs put off-shore. This country has risen on the back of American workers; American tax-payers, and young people have died for the wars that have recently been for nothing more than control of oil and resource.

We are going to turn back into the dark ages; back to the serf and servitude condition. They're taxing the necessities of life; yet they ignore the luxury taxes. Our tax system provides tax shelters for big business and the wealthy. Nader is articulate on all of these issues - he does not falter in his remarks, nor does he use notes as he passionately speaks the truth.

Nader reminds us that a family of four requires $40,000 a year in order to live a modest life. The standard poverty level is $18,500 - 35 million people or more live in poverty.

While our national railroad system crumbles for lack of money to keep the bridges in repair (Amtrak), we're allowing this transit system to decline. Bush has said only $900,000,000 would be set aside for infrastructure; repairs and maintenance. Compare this to the missile defense program who will receive more than nine and a half billion dollars! Bush has taken away money from schools, libraries, clean-air programs. In my opinion, Bush continues to work toward the destruction of our United States.

As Nader puts it, it is an insane program that Bush has implemented. What is insane is the lack of focus on the working American, and the imbalance in this nation's wealth and power. Clearly, we've had a president for the past 8 years that has only sought to empower the rich and become richer himself! Bush cares not what he can do for our country, but what he can do to destroy our nation.

Nader reminds us we only want a living wage; decent health care - essentially the basic needs and expectations a citizen of the United States should be able to harvest from a solid day's work.

Nader reminds us that 2 to 3 million American's will lose their homes in 2008; again in 2009. All of this because of the sub-prime mortgages. McCain wants to take a 'hands-off' approach to the home-owners. By separating investment banks from commercial banking, this created this 'predatory lender' condition, and we compound the damage by asking the American tax-payer to bail out those very establishments who created this monster to start with! And why wouldn't McCain take this position; he was part of the Keating Five who cost the tax-payers billions of dollars, and destroyed the lives of thousands - maybe millions, who lost their money by investing in American Continental - depositors at Lincoln Bank; powered by Carl Linder - the man pulling the strings of Charles Keating and his cronies!

Bush is creating a burden upon our grandchildren - one almost impossible to manage in the coming years. Today's parents have to work - most, both work. They have to fill the cupboards with food; they are lacking in time because of the way today's frantic pace has drained our citizens in a way that doesn't allow them to focus on anything but meeting the deadlines and demands of the next 24 hours. All of this keeps our citizens tired; confused and how better to describe what Adolf Hitler did during his reign of terror! I'm quite certain GWB studied the history of Hitler, and found he could apply the same principles to our precious country.

Nader has reminded us that we have clear basis for impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Nader also reminds us that Wall street and Washington D.C. - not our allies, but our enemies. As Nader says, it is a 'puppet show in Washington'. Nader reminds us we should not be allowing this puppet show. Nader reminds us that Bush and Cheney are war criminals. Spying on Americans in the thousands - impeachable. Violating the Geneva Convention. Arresting thousands of Americans without just cause. If we do not impeach Bush and Cheney they are setting the bar for allowing future concessions and failing to set an example of these two people who've violated numerous laws.

I believe our country has to feel the gratitude for Ralph Nader - for the real changes he's caused to happen. I am hoping the American people will finally pay proper homage to Ralph Nader and vote for him before it's too late for our country!
If Mr. Nader isn't someone you quite agree with (to me, how could you not), then go to this video link, and listen to this man who is equally viable and certainly as patriotic:
Essentially, we do not need politicians - they should not receive millions of dollars to campaign; do champagne, and expensive dinners and 'hoopla' at our expense.
We want patriots - we want intelligent beings with a resume that is glowing - a resume that proves their value and worth. We need to remember to FORGET that two-party system that is nothing more than this 'this or that' selection, and both sleep together at the end of the day.
How do you do a two-party dictatorship - well you should know; we've lived with it for many many years! Nuf said.....