You'll have to turn the music on this blog off to enjoy this great performance!

Tina - as electric as Elvis. My friend (Stephanie) & I like this one - I love them all!!!!

From the King of Rock & Roll to the King of Pop...genius!

Tina fires you up - Elvis keeps it going, and Ahmed takes you to 'mellow'...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm not a gabber, and rarely post on my blogs lately............

A friend of mine said he didn't know why I didn't write my daily journal like he does on his blog. I guess we all have a purpose for blogging; mine is for sharing ideas and once in a while a thought or two.

Today I read a cute couple of jokes. One was about how you could tell an extroverted engineer from an introverted one. When he talks to you he looks at YOUR SHOES, not his! Another was about an engineer who sees a good looking girl on a bike; she stops - takes all her clothes off, and tells the engineer he can have anything he wants. He decides on the bike because he knows her clothes won't fit him!!!

On a personal front, I get my teeth extracted May 21 so I'm anxious to have a new set of chompers and a brighter smile. That will seems good!

In June of 2009 we will make our regular 3 month trip to the Grand Canyon to escape the heat. When we get home, the pool will be nice and warm to swim in and then we can plan for the holidays!!!!

In the spring of 2010, we'll take a long trip 'cross country to visit my mother; spend a few months with her and pick up a new car from my son's dealership. My grandson (Justin) will graduate in June of 2010, and we'll give him our older car; lots of good miles on it, and then his dad can afford the insurance because it won't be so expensive.

A lot of people are talking about the recession; economy, issues that still bother them that were bound to become a problem when a country gets as old and as big as ours. I trust ultimately things will work themselves out - we're not self-destructive, and I think the human being is still 'humane' enough to care about his fellow-citizen.

I'm going to continue to be optimistic, and hope others will shut off the bad news and start focusing on the good things in their lives - it's the best way to keep the din and noise from those who would try to turn us against our country and instill fear.

Nuf said for today............


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