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Monday, July 7, 2008

Oscar LeVante; Gene Kelly, and Lay's Potato Chips

I love the piano music of Osar; Gene Kelly was my favorite dancer, and Lay's are my favorite chips when I buy them.
Tonight I decided to make them; along with sweet potatoes and the regular white ones, they were delicious! However, the stove was splattered - what a mess to clean up! Suddenly I realized why somethings I do buy 'ready-made' (not often), but Lays is one I can depend on.
Yes, I make my home-made dip; all my stews/roasts - nothing is 'ready-made' because I like my cooking the best. But....let me say, cleaning up the splattered stove; cooling the cooking oil, and finding a 'vessel' to hold the oil so I can use it again, was a bit of a bother.
Then I came back to post a thought, and got this:
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Okay, once I reconnected, I 'surfed' a bit; here's a little statement about Oscar:
As a headliner in England's music halls, Levante socialized with many of magic's greatest names including Houdini, Dante, Goldin and Selbit, and he does not mince his words when describing these men, some of whom were his friends, some of whom weren't.
Levante - His Life, No Illusion contains over a hundred photos illustrating his long career and spectacular magic show. An appendix describes many of Levante's classic tricks and illusions that have been explained in magic magazines over the years.


Nitewrit said...

I learned something new. I remember Oscar mostly from the musicals of an earlier era, such as the Life of Gershwin and as a buddy of Gene Kelly's. I admired his keyboard skill, but recall him most as a sad eyed man with a cigarette on his lip. But although a magic fan, and occasionally magician, I wasn't aware of LeVante having a magic show of his own. I am currently halfway through a exhuastive biography of Houdini, I'll have to see if LeVante comes up. This is probably the sixth Houdini bio I've read.

As to potato chips, my favorite is Herr's, which are manufactured not far from me. I have toured their factory and the chips just made and plucked from the line are so good. I also like Utz chips.